Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Footwear Research Centre


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Running projects

FSR-S/2020/UNI/001 Tradition and future of design in footwear production, 2020–2021
MgA. Juraj Šuška

FSR-ST-2020/005 Strategic support for the creation of knowledge potential and preparation of human resources for small specialized footwear companies, 2020–2023
Ing. Tomáš Sáha, Ph.D.

TJ02000125 Hi-tech footwear skin, 2019–2021
MgA. Zuzana Bahulová, Ph.D.

10/1/2020/GAMA2 Modification of the recipe to increase the adhesive properties of rubber and resistance to dynamic abrasion, 2020–2021
Ing. Luděk Suchomel

01/1/2020/GAMA2 Volleyball design, 2020
Ing. Martina Černeková, Ph.D.

06/1/2020/GAMA2 Renewable bioplymer-based textile for upper shoe part, 2020-2021
Asabuwa Ngwabebhoh Fahanwi, Ph.D.

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