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Higher Education Act No. 111/1998

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DG/05/2021 Communication platform
DG/04/2021 Supervisor – definition of the term
DG/03/2021 Development of internationalisation
DG/02/2021 Strategic management of CPS
        DG/02/2021 Strategic management of CPS Annex
DG/01/2021 DIRECTOR’S GUIDELINE – UNI Equal opportunities for men and women
DG/01/2020 DIRECTOR’S GUIDELINE – UNI Code of Ethics
DG/02/2020 DIRECTOR’S GUIDELINE – Strategic management of research centres at UNI
DG/03/2020 DIRECTOR’S GUIDELINE – Post-doctoral student – definition of the term
DG/04/2020 DIRECTOR’S GUIDELINE – Rules and procedures for filling scientist job positions at UNI
DG/05/2020 DIRECTOR’S GUIDELINE – Researcher career development at UNI research centres
DG/06/2020 DIRECTOR’S GUIDELINE – Centre of Polymer Systems Rules of Procedure

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