Tomas Bata University in Zlín


Centre of Polymer Systems


Centre of Polymer Systems (CPS) is the top scientific institution of Tomas Bata University in Zlín (TBU), which guarantees world parameters in  research of polymer systems using the latest technology.

In 2015 it moved to a brand new high-tech building designed to the needs of its scientific-technical orientation. CPS focuses on material research and related processes.

Its research teams  are engaged in basic and applied research. The outcomes  of their investigation can be applied in many areas – in plastic and rubber industries, in medicine, cosmetics as well as food industry.


The centre employs 120 professionals, out of which about 25% come from abroad. Many CPS employees are globally recognized experts in their fields of activity and  winners of a number of outstanding international awards. Professionally, CPS cooperates with more than 40 Czech institutions. Approximately the same is the number of partners abroad.


Research, development and innovation activities of the centre focus on the areas of plastics and rubber processing, nanomaterials, biodegradable polymers, antimicrobial modification magneto/ electroactive systems, coatings, polymer electronics, sensors and development of biomaterials for medical applications.


Since 2016 CPS offers two Ph.D. study programmes in nanotechnology and biomaterials and biocomposites.,


Centre of Polymer Systems  provides its capacity  to  industrial partners for implemention of  contract research, joint projects in the area of research, development and innovation through subsidies, solving technical and technological problems of practice, analyses and expert studies using modern equipment.

The centre also provides advisory and consulting services, professional trainings, workshops and thematic conferences. There are 2 seminar rooms with capacity of 24 and 30 seats and a lecture hall with 100 seats. Further, there is a PC room with 12 PCs, a videoconferencing room seating 12 people and a meeting room to accommodate up to 26 participants.

Additionally, also the entrance hall offers space for poster presentations,  banners, for stands with promotional items and facilities for refreshments and seats for discussions of  participants.


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