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Technology Transfer Centre

A specialized department, the Technology Transfer Centre (TTC), provides services associated with the protection of industrial rights over R&D results on behalf of TBU and implements the necessary steps leading to the commercialization of such results. Moreover, the TTC represents an important link between TBU and the industrial practice thanks to patent services offered by the TTC not only as an internal service for TBU but also for industrial entities – external applicants.

In 2018 CTT expanded activities into the area of certification services and participated in the preparation of the creation of the Footwear Research Center. The number of license agreements increased to number 22. 9 contracts were concluded In the technology transfer area. The number of foreign patents and published PCT applications increased to number 7. Significant increases were achieved in the area of supported projects based on proof of concept.

The transfer of technology and knowledge is also carried out through the mediation of professional associations whose members are the TTC or the TTC’s Patent Attorneys:

  • Association of Innovative Entrepreneurship CR, z. s. (non-governmental organization)
  • Science and Technology Parks Association of the Czech Republic, z. s. (non-governmental organization)
  • European Patent Institute
  • Chamber of Patent Attorneys of the CR

The transfer of knowledge to practice is carried out by means of cooperation with companies leading to the practical application of results of research and development, taking place simultaneously on two levels:

a) Contract and collaborative research, which tests and develops the collaboration with the business sector; this development is reflected in an increase in the contract research.

b) Projects of applied research and experimental development funded in particular by national providers; in that case, the transfer of knowledge to practice is always the subject matter of an agreement on the use of results of the implementation of the relevant project.

The transfer of knowledge to practice is based on business principles inspired by Bata, and that within the development of the technology transfer process based on cooperation and on strengthening of relations between the University, companies and regional administration authorities.

CIC UPPER was opened for start-up companies from the creative industries and FMC Audiovisual Center, which also serves as a counsellor.

Statute and Scope of Activities Carried out by the Technology Transfer Centre

The Technology Transfer Centre (TTC) was established on 1 January 2008 as an output of the project “Technology Park and Technology Transfer Centre at TBU in Zlín” and is a component part of the University Institute. The role of the TTC consists in supporting the transfer of R&D results to practice.

The Technology Transfer Centre provides comprehensive professional services related to industrial property protection, counselling and information activities related to licences and know-how, technology transfer, copyright and other areas related to the protection and the subsequent commercial application of R&D results. The TTC clients include academics and researchers, students as well as external organizations.

The TTC also offers related services and subsequent registration of research results that are not subject to registration by the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic – i.e. results such as a pilot plant, verified technology, prototype, functional sample, certified methodology, specialized maps, software or research report.

In addition to counselling services, consulting and specialized reviews in the above-mentioned spheres, the TTC offers direct representation of clients in cases of protection of industrial rights before the following authorities: Industrial Property Office (IPO), European Patent Office (EPO), European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The Technology Transfer Centre is implemented through the project Development of TTC at TBU in Zlín (reg. No. CZ.1.05 / 3.1.00 / 10.0205) financed from the Operational Program Research and Development for Innovation co-financed by the European Union and the Czech Republic.

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