Tomas Bata University in Zlín


Technology Transfer Centre

Technology transfer is the process of finding a practical application for the results of scientific research and development.

“In the process of commercialization of science and research, we apply Bať’s business principles, which are still topical”

Technology transfer

  • transfer of research and development results into practice
  • the process of transferring various technologies, especially technical solutions and scientific research knowledge and experience from the university environment towards practice, response and inspiration from users of technology

Ways of technology and knowledge transfer:

  • non-commercial: teaching, publications, lectures, conferences …
  • provision of services and consultations
  • joint research
  • custom-tailored research
  • industrial property protection
  • provision of rights to use protected solutions – license
  • transfer of owner rights – sale of protected solutions
  • establishment of spin-off companies
  • cooperation with practice

Faculties and departments