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Cooperation with practice

The transfer of acquired knowledge from the field of basic research into practice is ensured within the TBU in Zlín through the Technology Transfer Centre (TTC), which was founded in 2008 as a specialized workplace for cooperation with the application sphere and the transfer of research and development (R&D) results, and which is integrated into the organizational structure of the University Institute of TBU in Zlín. Ensuring the industrial legal protection of R&D results and the implementation of the necessary steps leading to their commercialization is the subject of this specialized workplace at TBU. The development of TTC activities and services is in line with the needs of the region and regional partners and contributes to ensuring the functional transfer of the results of applied research activities into practice. In addition, TTC is an important link between TBU and industrial practice thanks to specialized services in the field of industrial legal protection, which it provides not only internally for TBU, but also for industrial entities – external partners or other interested parties, when it comes to providing consultations, processing research and assessments.

Since 2010, TTC TBU has concluded a total of 50 License Agreements and 45 Technology Transfer Agreements and supported 28 proof-of-concept projects.

Through TTC, STP plays an important role in the operation of the university within the activities of the region. The activities of TTC are directed to the area of applied research, industrial property protection, technology transfer and innovation. TTC is an important link between TBU and industrial practice.
In 2023, TBU in Zlín, through the Technology Transfer Centre, participated in the IV. of the TRANSFERA TECHNOLOGY DAY 2023 competition, organized by the association. Two technologies (UNI, CPS) were nominated for the finals for UTB and solvers of the technologies received the Certificate “Finalist of TRANSFER TECHNOLOGY DAY 2023”, which is a sign of quality and will access to the utilization in practice, visibility and securing future financial support.

TBU in Zlín, through TTC, participated in the competition for the INNOVATION OF THE YEAR 2023 Award, which has been announced regularly since 1996 by the Association of Innovative Business of the Czech Republic. The Innovation of the Year 2023 honorary award was won by the volleyball ball, whose construction and design proposal were solved with the support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic as part of the complex project Commercialization at Tomas Bata University in Zlín II (TP01010006). The project was asked and won for TBU through the Technology Transfer Centre which also deserved the transfer of the created knowledge from research to production. The company GALA a.s., Prostějov, became the manufacturer of the Volleyball ball based on the Agreement on the transfer of rights between TBU in Zlín and GALA a.s.

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