Tomas Bata University in Zlín


The First PhD Student in the Footwear Research Centre

MgA. et Bc. Oldřich Vojta, DiS. will commence his studies in the first year of a doctoral programme carried out at the University Institute – in the Footwear Research Centre – and write a doctoral thesis focusing on the development of special “smart” shoes. Oldřich has been assigned the task of designing and preparing shoes able to generate electrical power. The accumulated energy will be transferred to a supercapacitor that will provide a transmitter for online applications with power. The aim will be to make shoes independent in terms of energy. His first application will be focusing on healthy footwear for diabetics, which will scan the temperature of the foot. Since diabetics have decreased sensitivity in their feet, the new design can be very useful. Another application may involve children’s shoes, which will send data about the temperature of a child’s feet to his or her mother’s mobile phone.

MgA. et Bc. Oldřich Vojta, DiS. is a graduate of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications, where he defended his thesis focused on smart shoes with built-in sensors. He was working in China for a long period of time, where he gained valuable experience, which he can now apply during the preparation of his doctoral thesis.

His studies will be implemented in collaboration with the Faculty of Technology that has obtained the accreditation for the relevant course.

We wish Oldřich the best of luck during his studies!

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