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TBU Opened the Laboratory of Diagnostics of the Musculoskeletal System

Zlín, 4 October 2023 – Comprehensive assessment, diagnostics of the body and of soles of the feet as a whole, as well as the possibilities of subsequent therapy. All of this will be offered by experts in the newly opened Laboratory of Diagnostics of the Musculoskeletal System. The Laboratory will offer its services to the general public in the Footwear Research Centre at the University Institute of Tomas Bata University in Zlín.

In the newly opened laboratory, experts will perform a detailed analysis of the clients’ feet and evaluate them under static and dynamic load. Subsequently, they will assess the effect on the posture of the whole body.

A correct posture of feet and their functioning is the basis for a correct functioning of the whole body. The posture of the feet and their proper functioning is extremely important, because the way how we are standing and walking subsequently affects the posture and functioning of the entire body. Improper use of feet in childhood, one-sided load and inappropriate footwear can be the cause of a number of health problems in later years of life,” says Tomáš Sáha, Director of the Footwear Research Centre.

“Based on the diagnostics and the parameters obtained, I can, after a professional consultation, prepare a specific tailor-made design for the client,” says Radim Šojdr, a physiotherapist, who will work in the counselling centre. This can be, for example, the design of suitable footwear or aids such as orthopaedic or prosthetic active insoles or insoles with a stimulating effect.

The assessment of the musculoskeletal system and of soles of feet carried out in such an extent will produce a considerable amount of data and information for the Footwear Research Centre of Tomas Bata University. The data/information collected will, subsequently, be included in a database and used as a basis for further scientific and research plans with emphasis on the health of users.

The Footwear Research Centre was established at the TBU University Institute four years ago. Since that, the Centre has been involved in a number of projects and in material and technological innovations developed in the footwear sector.

“One of the main and long-term goals which is supported by the Footwear Research Centre and forms a basis for many areas of research is cooperation with business and industry. Companies whose day-to-day business is the production of footwear and of the required components must look to the future and prepare for the arrival of new materials with novel or innovative properties. From the point of view of the production and construction of footwear, the properties of materials can have a major impact on the footwear’s proper functionality and on ensuring of the necessary comfort and health of the user,” says Tomáš Sáha, Director of the FRC.

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