Tomas Bata University in Zlín


Night of Scientists 2023

At the popular Night of Scientists event at the Faculty of Technology, the Shoe Research Center and the Centre of 0 Polymer Systems  presented themselves this year. Visitors could view various samples of leather types and materials for the processing and production of footwear or components. For example, biomaterials that can be used to make compostable shoes. The researchers also demonstrated the 3D printing of a modular sole, which ensures lightness and reduces the load on the foot when walking, as well as current projects on the topic of developing new materials and manufacturing shoes. During the workshop with scientists from CPS, those interested could learn about the physical principle of generating electric voltage using polymer materials using a piezoelectric and triboelectric generator. The TwinVECTOR project was also presented, the aim of which is the development of European cooperation in the development of new generation batteries.

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