Tomas Bata University in Zlín


Researchers’ Night 2022 | USING ALL FIVE SENSES

The last Friday in September will again be a special place for science. Tomas Bata University opens its doors to visitors to the Researchers’ Night. This year they can visit the Laboratory Centre of the Faculty of Technology and the 14|15 Bata Institute.

The topic of this year’s edition is the use of all five senses. This topic is reflected in the traditional marathon featuring Science Café lectures. Bite-sized lectures will offer 10-minute sessions on the subject of science.

Visitors can also gain some practical experience. The Researchers’ Night is the right time to put on a lab coat and get down to work. In addition to booths offering various experiments, experiments and games, thematic workshops will also be held throughout the evening.

Besides the Laboratory Centre of the Faculty of Technology, where the Researchers’ Night in Zlín repeatedly takes place, visitors can enjoy the programme offered on the platform 14|15 of the Bata Institute. The highlight of the evening will be a concert by the “Hundred Animals” band.

In short, the Researchers’ Night in Zlín will have a packed schedule. The full programme including workshop registration can be found on the website. To have the best experience, it is highly recommendable to attend the event in person on Friday, 30 September 2022.

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